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Both parents and educators play a pivotal role in educating a child. Parents are a child’s first teacher. They teach essential life and academic skills while providing love and support that help learners healthily develop. It is also an opportunity for Parent and the teacher to build a positive relationship.

Parent Educator meetings are also important because parents can help educators to understand more about their children and give advice on what they need help with or what they excel in

This is an opportunity for parents and Educators to openly discuss what’s happening at school and home. This could be in the form of a positive talk.

Good communication between teachers and parents will be beneficial to a student in many ways.

It can greatly benefit students when parents and educators work as a team.

Student wins are more worthwhile and meaningful when parents and educators collaborate to celebrate student success.

Now, it’s time to start our Club under Sunita Makers Club. Parents, Educators and Learners are very excited to start a learner’s new journey of club every Saturday according to their interest .

During the PEM, Educators introduce the different club with different club setup wherein learners show their talent by performing different activities.

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