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"First Term Assessment"

Gajera International School offers an event referred to as Open House. The purpose of these events is to allow the parents/guardians an opportunity to come to the school and become acclimated for this school year.

Great questions to ask include “What does your child need from the educators in order to succeed?” and “What are your child's strengths?” Another favorite activity is to have parents write a message to their child, or better yet—read a message their child has left for them and reply to it.

Kindergarten is a crucial time in the development of our young learners. It's a time to discover, learn and grow. ... Kindergarten Open Houses allow you to visit our schools and talk to the educators who will be guiding our child as he or she begins the educational journey.

To let parents, know of the measures we've adopted, we called parents to school for the open house. They discussed their wards' performance in Half Yearly Assessment and collected the result. As it’s hard for children not to be in school buildings.

The focus of today’s parent-educator meet was the discussion of their wards’ performance in Half Yearly Assessment.

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