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"Motivating Mantra"

Gajera Farm School organized Activity Based Learning Workshop for the educators with the twin aim of nurturing their creative talents as well academic benefit. The aim of this workshop was to explore their own imaginative potential and provide limitless opportunities for the creative minds. This workshop gave hands-on experience to the educators to go beyond their horizons to explore and to create something new.

The WORKSHOP started with DEEP PRJJVALAN CEREMONY to stabilize a beautiful essence in the atmosphere. A famous personality from the educational field MR RAGHAV KATAKIYA was invited as a guest of honour. Preparing different teaching aids from waste materials and conducting live school programs has given him publicity to the level that different news papers and TV channels approached him to publish his works. He has been felicitated with different awards for his educational work. His aim is to create an interest in the learners that they like to come to school regularly.

He started the workshop with different activities to make live sessions, followed by story of Gijubhai Badheka. Action Songs were also taught which educators enthusiastically enjoyed. They responded well by actively participating in the different activities. They were taught about sustainable environments and how waste can be used to create something useful.

This workshop was filled with energy and passion. Educators were highly motivated to learn, explore and grow. It brought recreation, entertainment and fun all together. A lot of ideas, initiatives and experiences were mutually shared.

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