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Move the New Year away precisely with raise of reading

This year, we had endured many troubles in study to adapt the system. So, recommendation for the next year to make your child develop in the English language. Reading is one the considerably meaningful part of the language. For every subject, reading is fundamental. If we are at home and cannot attain to school, we can nonetheless grow up our reading skill which is one of the primary skills. That is why our school Gajera International Katargam one of the well-known schools in Surat, delivers equal primacy to it. During online sessions, of course we have effective reading practice for them. Additionally, we advise the learners to take help of their parents. The objective is to acquire the overall development in English. Specifically , we begin with the fundamental level and furnish guidance to our parents. So that, we can build their foundation and that can be lenient in their additional years. Here we have some suggestions with the personal experiences to enhance your child's reading skills.

· Split the book:

Make your children read in a pair and give each of them a half part to read. They have to read the book in depth. It can be a healthy competition or task. Now they are not reading for reading but it is reading for speaking. After completing this task, they will explain their knowledge with each others. Encourage them with gifts and appreciation. Correct the errors in positive ways. With your co operation, develop their confidence.

· E- Book Subscription:

Reading can be more interesting while the children get the book in new form. They can select various fascinating books which are available in the online market. Some of the books can be in animated or 3D form that can be attracted the child to learn more. There may be some reading activities or games. There are also audio books available so that they can check their errors while reading.

· Read with your child regularly:

Sometimes, reading can be wearying for them and that can be solved with your company. If you have a good knowledge of reading with a proper tone and gesture, let your child learn from you. Read aloud and they can repeat it after you. Be their partner and guide. After all, it is well said that, “ A good mother is worth a hundred teachers.”

· Organize a Home Library :

“Little drops of water fill up a big lake.” You don’t have to build a library in a day. Start buying books from their young age. Within five years, you can create their own collection and call a small library. Maintain a book for them where they can enter the name of a new book and a short review for the same. Let them highlight the difficult words with the meaning. They may use their dictionary. Allow them to read in a hall, garden or during travelling too. Ask them about the response of the book regularly. Motivate them if the answers are given well.

There can be more productive tips to boost reading skills. I hope that you will consider and apply the given tips in your day-to-day life.

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