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Multimedia Studio

Digital literacy has become an important skill to be acquired to harness the potential of online education fully. Pandemic crisis and the physical distancing measures to control it have forced educators to connect with their students remotely. As a result, digital tools have become a necessity, not just an accessory, in their pedagogical toolkit. Setting up a lecture recording studio is very difficult and very expensive. The Gajera Trust believes in quality education it has not stepped back to help the community in availing all essential amenities. The Trust has installed Multimedia Studio to provide online platforms and resources that can help educators engage with their learners in a bidirectional teaching-learning process, even remotely. Even the learners can record their skill-based videos in the studio.

A good video starts with good equipment and setup. High-quality video content can help keep students more engaged and interested in the subject. Video lecture material is much easier to grasp if the picture and sound are crisp and clear. Having a dedicated recording space to record lectures is ideal. This means creating a permanent setup that is always there when you need it. In the studio, with the help of the professional quality mic, high-resolution camera, green screen, optimized lighting system, sophisticated tablet, personal computer with latest configuration, technical expert and Glass-Board, the educators have been able to produce the best quality E-lectures.

It saves their preparation time as well. The pre-recorded videos are edited and sent to the learners. The lectures are also broadcasted live that possesses great flexibility to the educators and learners. This feature is pushing more and more educators toward finding new and more creative ways to deliver study material to learners. This includes creating more catchy and high-resolution video lectures.

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