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Salute to God of Earth

Doctors are another form of God on earth. God gives us life once but doctor saves our priceless life time and again. There are many such examples in the world where doctors have worked as a saviour like God. Whether giving birth to a child or saving an old man, the help of doctors always saves us from difficulty. This is the only profession where a unique confluence of medicine and prayer is seen, man is also made God here.

In the modern era, the demand for doctors have increased even more. Remembering this dedication and sacrifice of the doctor, the day of July 1 is celebrated as National Doctors' Day in India.

We at Gajera International School celebrated Doctors' day using online platform for the learners. This celebration was arranged for learners to understand the importance of doctors and to give knowledge when and why this day is celebrated. They were so much excited to perform as a doctor, wear doctor apparent and stethoscope .

The learners prepared 'First Aid Kit' and represented the tools which we find in doctor’s kit. They learnt how to use the different equipments when someone is injured. Some students represented themselves in different character of doctor ( i.e dentist, orthopaedic, physician,etc). They dressed up themselves accordingly. They gave awareness by stating the precautions for Covid-19.

Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well-being in society. People who survive diseases such as corona owe their survival to doctor, whose skills and dedication are vital for their cure.

" Surgeons like you are not just doctors, but real life-savers. I may not have talked to God in my prayers, but in your services l have seen some of His favors.


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