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“Mathematics is the best thing in this world because it is true and logical.”

Mathematics helps to improve better problem-solving skills in every individual. It enhances the ability to think critically and logically about the situation and solve problems easily. Mathematicians all around the globe seek out patterns and approaches, formulate new speculations, and set up the truth after meticulous deductions from perfectly chosen principles and definitions.

Mathematics Day was celebrated at Gajera International School on 22nd December, 2022 for 135th birth anniversary of Srinivas Ramanujan, the world famous mathematician who is known for the significant contributions in different branches of mathematics. The Event was tagged as “Maths Mania” where different grades learners displayed their Maths skills to attract the visitors. The main motto of organizing this Math Mania was to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving techniques among the young minds. The learners and educators were surprised to see more than 50 stalls of the Maths models and games exhibiting the concepts of measurements, Algebra, Geometry and Vedic Maths. For higher grades a seminar on account of National mathematics day was conducted. The Subject Expert Mr. Calculator - Mr. Akshay Khatri from Ahmedabad, Gujarat who is the founder of Antique Math which is an initiative to make the calculation of numbers easy to eliminate math phobia amongst the learners .

He is the World record holder of ‘Fastest Reverse Calculation’. During the session he delivered the probable multiples of any 4 digit product within 3 seconds and the subject expert guided the learners on how to do quick calculations through various tricks. The subject expert also did a direct dialogue with the learners on how to do various calculations by simplifying the number.

He related the Mathematics concepts with spirituality by incorporating the values, ethics and contributions of our Great Indian Mathematicians. His concept of numbers with pure soul was one of it’s kind. The seminar emphasized more on creating interest amongst the learners over Maths Subject by playing games with numbers & relating with real world examples where Maths is applied. He also generated the interest about how to learn mathematics in easy way and how to enjoy mathematics in our daily life.

The seminar concluded with the commitment to have fun with numbers and enjoy the process of learning.]

The principals from different Gajera school branches also visited with our inspiring principal Mrs Sonia Budhiraja and shared motivational thoughts for admiring the learners as well as the Maths educators for their diligent and impressive work.

Overall, it was fun with learn!

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