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National Youth Day Celebration-Extempore Competition

Extempore is one such method which assists the Learners not only in thinking on their own but also in voicing their creative ideas with precision.

Gajera International School Katargam always thrives to cater to the all-round development of their Learners.

The main focus of the school has always been on improving the Soft Skills amongst the Learners.

With this intention in mind an Inter House Extempore Competition on three topics - Life Lessons of Shri Swami Vivekananda, Democratic India and Regiments of Indian National Army by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was held for the Learners on National Youth Day.

The objective of the competition was to make the Learners confident and better orators so that they can fearlessly express their views on any topic.

Extempore is an excellent way to assist the Learners not only in spontaneous thinking but also in asserting their creative ideas with precision.

The judge for the competition was Mr. Nilesh Chaudhari and the competition was Coordinated by Mr. Sagar Parmar.

The Learners participated in this event with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The winners Himanshu Singh, Vrushthi Dudhat and Roshan Panseriya of this competition were appreciated and felicitated in the Morning Assembly as well.

Learners experienced a surge in their confidence to be able to express their views and cherished the learnings.

Participants developed skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication through this competition.

Participants saw tangible benefits from participation in this competition – confidence in speaking situations, spontaneity in interviews, improved thought process were some of them.

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