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Finally, 2021 is expanded in front of us! Most of the people have begun the New Year with list of promises that we call as NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. List of resolutions include career related, study related, smoking control related or health related is most common. Most of the people fail to fulfill their resolution during entire year. Why? Just because of no goal-setting , no aim or no clear vision for what they want to do and why they want to do. It is well-said “Goal-setting is a power line to success.”

The corona pandemic year 2020 had been indeed a curse for the entire world. The world had been witnessed of most of all the calamities; natural as well as man made in the past 9 months. A terrible bushfire in Australia, covid-19 pandemic, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, political confrontations, border confrontation and what not!

Everyone was desperately waiting for the most hopeful year 2021! Bulk of dreams and desires are to be fulfilled in this year. This is the hope of every individual. From president to poverty-stricken, all have set their goals and aims that to be fulfilled in this 2021. Finally we all are in 2021 and days after days are passing like flow of water.

To achieve the goal of resolution all you need to do is to follow some basic rules:

To fix the time during which we can stay away from mobile phones. No doubt, Technology is bringing us some good stuff, but is also making us more and more unable to pay attention to anything for a while. We feel such necessity to check our email and messages of our acquaintances in social networks every few minutes with no reason, that we are no longer able to enjoy a book, a movie, a concert or a dinner. Hence to bring productivity and creativity, we should spare time to explore the new things.

Develop the habit to read a book of your choice. Every time you will discover a new thing even though you read a same book twice.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day for exercises and meditation. We are mentally habituated to get stuck ourselves in our daily office work, job work or house hold works so much that we forget to take care about our fitness. We must remember that healthy mind dwells in healthy body.

I ensure you that these three steps will bring a drastic and magical change into your lives.

I personally believe, we all have condemned 2020 but have you ever noticed? It taught us many new norms which were forgotten by ages, as we lost our small pleasures of life like to sit and that enormous talks with our kith and kins, to roam around our own dwelling frequently and surprisingly find a life into the each and every corner of our home.

Everyone has their newer, better version of themselves which they manifest during that special, uncommon phase.

Now as everything has to be temporary and we also need to move forward but now this time we are the newer one with discovery of our true self, so let's embrace the new embodiment of self and let's work upon to create and mould the better, best ever world, let's enlighten the humanity to fulfill the gratitude of God showering every time upon us.

Let's awake and sparkle the world with the every possible way!

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