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News Reading Competition

Gajera International School has organized News Reading Competition on 25 July, 2022 for young journalist of Grade III , IV and V to celebrate National Broadcasting Day which is celebrated on 23 July every year in India. The objective of this competition was to inculcate a habit of reading newspaper among the students.

The participants made the audience aware about the different area of news like social, political, and sports.

The young learners participated in the competition excitedly that inspired the young speakers to come forward and speak. It was a great opportunity for them to be confident through stage exposure.

The students were assessed on the basis of quality of articulation, intonation, presentation and clarity of voice. The judges appreciated and encouraged the participants by their speech. The Principal Madam and Vice Principals motivated and said that learners can enhance their knowledge of different subjects and hone their skills by reading newspapers.

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