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"Nine Nights of Worship"

"Let us pray that the divine blessings of Goddess Durga brings you eternal peace and happiness. That they protect you from all wrongdoings, and grant you all your wishes"!

Gajera International School celebrated a virtual Navratri celebration with great enthusiasm and fun.

The state of Gujarat has a unique way of celebrating Navaratri. And it is this version of the celebrations that has seeped into popular culture. Devotees observe fast for nine days to honor Durga and her nine different incarnations.

Every evening, women who are fasting dedicate their prayers to an earthen pot lit with divas (candles). The pot, called garbo, represents the source of life and the light represents shakti (power).

For many people it is a time of religions reflection wherein people are seen fasting, whereas for others it is a time for dancing and feasting.

Learners of Gajera International School celebrated this festival in a very jouful manner and enjoyed every moment by performing dance in garba style, little learners performed drama, ras and garba with the help of educators.

The girls were dressed in the colorful ‘ghagra cholis and boys were dressed in the beautiful ‘kurta pajamas ‘or ‘kediyu’ which was the theme for this event. The essence of the festivity was truly felt and celebrated by all in the true spirit of oneness.

It was a memorable virtual event for the learners which will be always remembered.

"Fortune is that the one who has learned to admire , however, do not envy. Good desires for Navratri full of lots of peace and prosperity."

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