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Parents are the first mentor of the child and educators are the second and they both together can act as motivators and can nurture the children.

‘ORIENTATION PROGRAM’ was organized for the parents with the aim of getting familiar with the Gajera Trust’s vision, mission, children’s curriculum, rules, school learning methods as well as participating in the children’s educational progress.

Through the PowerPoint, presentation parents were instructed about the objectives and philosophy of the school.

Vice Principal Welcomed the parents in the new academic session, and talked about the benefits of effective communication between parents and teachers, also sought support and suggestions from parents to provide the best learning and development opportunities for the learners

She also spoke in detail about the different ways to nurture a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a proud future for children.

This year Gajera International School came up with the “Go With Green “ theme and explained how the learners will be connected with nature through the activity-based learning method.

Parents were made aware of the school rules and gave an overview of the various activities undertaken in the coming academic year, also discussing the co-educational activities. It also helps in their holistic development.

The ‘ORIENTATION PROGRAM’ has proven to be a sincere effort for parents to take care of their children and guide them properly.

It also helped develop a common learning strategy and helped parents identify appropriate follow-up methods to strengthen their children's learning process.

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