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Our Constitution Ambedkar; Nobody else could have made it better.

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (14 April 1891 – 6 December 1956), is popularly known as an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer who inspired the Dalit Buddhist Movement. He was a scholar, a social reformer and a leader who dedicated his life to eradicate social inequality in India. He is also considered as the ' Father of Indian constitution' for his contribution as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. His family was from the Mahar community, who were treated as the so- called untouchables in those days. In school, he faced great discrimination. His school mates did not want to eat and sit next to him and the teachers did not want to touch his notebooks. Later, he led a ceaseless struggle against untouchability and campaigned against social discrimination. He started newspaper, such as Mooknayak and Bahishkrut Bharat, advocating social equality.

In 1951, he introduced the Hindu Code Bill in Parliament, which was supposed to give equal rights to women with regards to the laws of inheritance, marriage and the economy. At that time he resigned from his post because the bill was not passed.

Our Constitution has abolished untouchability and its practice is a criminal offence. Positive steps have been taken by the government to provide relief to the people who were considered as outcastes, who are now called Dalits. Now they are given scholarship, reservation in colleges, University, public sector and government services.

The Constitution of India is the world’s lengthiest constitution a unique blend of rigidity and flexibility. It is also an inclusive in nature but in rigid sense. An explainer document with extensive scheduled laws, which not only maintains the sovereignty and integrity of the country but also it covers all the areas of proper human civilization assuring unity in diversity.

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