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"Parent Orientation Program"

Parent Orientation Programmed is an important event that provides parents with essential information about the school, its policies, curriculum, and expectations. It is typically held before the start of the academic year and is designed to help parents and caregivers prepare their children for a successful transition to school.

In Gajera International School Pre Primary Section Principal Ms. Neepa Patel addressed the Parents and help parents understand the school's philosophy and approach to education. This includes the school's mission, vision, and values, as well as its policies on discipline, health and safety, and communication with parents. She also explains the parents about the school's curriculum, including the subjects taught, teaching methodologies, and the learning outcomes that are expected of their children. Principal introduced the Co-ordinator of Saar Publication Ms. Reshu Nigam also gave the detail information about the academic curriculum of the main subject and how will teach the learners with the play way method and creative learning.

During the orientation, parents have the opportunity to meet with the school's administration, educators, and staff. They can ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have about the school's policies or procedures. The orientation also provides an opportunity for parents to meet other parents in the school community and to network with them.

In addition to information about the school, the principal also provided basic information to the parents of practical tips and advised for preparing their children for school. This may include advice on how to establish routines, such as regular bedtimes and mealtimes, that can help children adjust to the school schedule. Parents may also receive guidance on how to communicate with their children about school and how to support their learning at home.

Parent orientation is an essential event for parents of Pre-Primary school children. It helps to set the stage for a successful school experience by providing parents with the information and tools they need to support their children's education. By attending parent orientation, parents can feel more connected to the school community and more confident in their ability to support their children's learning and development.

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