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Patriotic Song Competition

“Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”

Patriotism refers to the passionate love one has for his country. It is about respecting the nation, the people living within its boundaries and every aspect that builds our country. Teaching patriotism in school helps learners build up a sense of identity. It also helps them feel like they belong to their country.

To inculcate the value of patriotism among the children GIS organised “A Patriotic Song Competition” All the learners took part in this competition with great enthusiasm and patriotic spirit. Three semi- finals rounds were conducted on different days in different divisions. They decorated their backgrounds and dressed themselves considering the theme of patriotism. Participants dedicated their songs to soldiers with great pride. They conveyed their greetings in advance for Independence Day. Those who were selected in the semi-final round uploaded their videos on Sunita Makers Application on 14th & 15 August for the final round. The judges will rank them after watching those videos.

The youth are often called the future of the nation. Our Learners in one way or other, through their patriotism sung melodiously and caught the attention of the judges. As leaders of nation they pledged to help improve the status of our country. The youth have a strong sense of patriotism and express their opinions openly and passionately as they are concerned about the future of the country. We must respect and give back to the nation that has done so much for us. They learnt that how important it is to keep the ideologies in our constitution alive, love, and protect our country. Overall, this Competition brought out the true feeling of patriotism among the young learners.

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