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Personality Development - Break your Barriers

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

- Ralph Emerson

What is Personality?

The personality is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviours that makes a person unique.

When we say that someone has a “good personality “we mean that they are likable,interesting and pleasant to be with. Everyone wants to be attractive to others and for that having a good personality is vital. Probably more than just good looks.

There is a saying, We can only enhance our looks to a certain level however, we can improve our personality as much as we want.Ultimately it is your personality that determines whether people are attracted to or shy away from you.


KNOW THAT YOU ARE INCOMPARABLE: we bring our self- esteem down by comparing

ourselves with others. That shrinks our personality and does not let our strengths blossom. Know that you and other person are unique and are just incomparable.

BE A GOOD LISTENER: Cultivate the skill of being an exceptional listener in yourself. The way you would look a person in the eyes, hang on their every word and make them feel important. There is nothing more appealing than having someone listen to you intently making you feel that you are the only person in the world.

BE LIGHT IN MIND AND HEART: Don’t overthink and over analyse the situation. Neither let any negativity like shame, anger, jealousy or greed stay in your consciousness for too long. Instead learn to take it easy, forgive easily and drop grudges against people. Being light in mind and heart makes you truly happy from within. And who does not like happy people?

HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND OUTLOOK: who wants to be around people who are negative, faultfinder or have nothing good to say? In fact, most of us run away when we see them coming. Instead be the kind of upbeat person who lights up a room with your energy. Do it by looking for the best in people and things. Smile warmly and spread good cheer.

Choose a positive mantra for the day -- something you will repeat to yourself, such as “Today is beautiful” or “I feel grateful for all I have.” And when things go beyond, take a moment to try and see it from a positive light. Never underestimate the importance of recognizing the silver linings in life.

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