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"Picnic Time"

Updated: Feb 3

Just education is not enough Learners must have sunshine, freedom and play time.

At Gajera International School, we believe in giving equal importance to work and play. A class picnic was organized for the Gajerian Super-kids on 1 Februay, 2023. The venue for the picnic was Daji ni wadi. It’s a beautiful park surrounded by greenery and natural beauty.

We started at 8:00 am in the morning, with prayer and a feeling of a fun filled day ahead. The little kids were super excited and kept singing songs in the bus till they reach the venue.

They were welcomed by the team of organizers of the park, the learners were amazed to see different rides as they entered .Kids placed their bags in one corner of the park and started moving on the lush green lawn; there they played a few games like ‘hide-and-seek’ and ‘catch the ball’. Every learner was given an opportunity to participate and enjoy. The most enjoyable time was in the play area with swings, slides, see saw, merry-go-round and spring animals. They even enjoyed appu ghar,mini train and jockar character in park. Even the educators couldn’t hold themselves back and joined the learners on the rides.

After a tiring and a fun packed morning, we all headed for lunch where all the educators and learners relished with a variety of food. The group photograph time motivated learners to pose in style for the click.

The learners expressed their desire to visit the place again. Indeed, it was a great day for one and all. Class picnic has always been the most awaited day of the year for the learners and educators as it helps in strengthening the bond between them.

Finally the learners were sent off with gifts.

Three cheers for a wonderful picnic!!

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