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“Play gives learner a chance to practice what they are learning.”

Play-way activities are based on the needs of the learners. It follows learning by doing and practice, which is very much effective than orals. Play-way assures maximum freedom for the child with the result that he/she develops creativity and imagination skills.

Play-Way methodology is a central ingredient in learning, allowing learners to imitate adult behaviors, practice motor skills, process emotional events, and learn much about their world.

Advantages of Play-way learning method

• Physical Value: The child develops the body through play.

• Intellectual value: Learning is more effective when children are curious to learn.

• Social Value: In play the students have a chance to live and work with others.

• Emotional value: Play helps in stabilizing the emotions of children.

Language Development. When learners play with adults and other children, they learn how to get along with others, to solve problem, and how to communicate and use language effectively.

Importance of Play way learning method

• Makes learning easy and enjoyable.

• Each child gets equal opportunities for full participation.

• Develops knowledge along with skills.

• Brings satisfaction at the cognitive level.

• Prepares for self-discipline.

• Provides more opportunities for learning.

• Helps children connect with their teachers easily.

• Facilitates holistic development (cognitive, linguistic, aesthetic, social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills)

Educators kept following points in their mind while teaching our little learners..

• Develop customized learning activities.

• Create a joyful learning environment.

• Prepare relevant teaching-learning material after designing the learning activities.

• Plan the activities ranging from simple to complex.

• Become guides, supervisors and leaders for the learners during the learning process.

• Abilities inculcated in our little learners here at Gajera International School, Katargam (Pri-Primary Section) after performing such specific play-way activities.

•Developed Logical outlook

• Acquired Physical strength and Stamina.

• Possessed Aesthetic outlook towards all the observations in their surroundings.

• Imbibed a Creative characteristic as an integral character trait of their own.

• Learnt about Social values to followed so as to include it in their art of living or lifestyle on the whole.

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