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Pollution Control Day

Pollution is a major problem that India is not facing, but the whole world is battling with it. Nowadays the problem of pollution is increasing day by day and it is the duty of the respective government and also the people to reduce the level of pollution. National Pollution Control Board (NPCB) is the main governing body, that checks on industries to know whether they are following environmental regulations or not.

National Pollution Control Day is observed in memory of those who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas tragedy on 2nd December 1984. The day is celebrated every year on 2 December to bring awareness about the dangers caused due to polluted water, land, and air.

Every year Gajera International School, Katargam organizes an awareness program on Pollution Control Day. This year our little Gajerians made a collage of pictures showing pollution. They also spoke a few lines about how pollution is caused and its preventive measures.

Our school’s motto for this kind of activity was to bring awareness among learners about different kinds of pollution so that a better or clean environment can be formed. They are also informed about various laws made by Governments all over the world to control and prevent pollution. Overall, it was an informative day for learners.

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