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When do people advise you to start thinking positively? They do so when you accept failure and have doubt on your abilities. They try to divert your thoughts form uncertainty to more confidence and belief in yourself.

Life is incomplete without positive thinking. With the power of positive thought, darkness can also be transformed into light by the rays of hope. We have our own control over our thoughts, so it is for us to decide whether we want to think positive or negative.

For example, if a student suddenly has the idea before few days of exam that he will not be able to pass the exam this time, then he has two options- either he repeats this idea or at the same time turns this negative thought into positive and think that nothing is still left far. If you work hard with full conviction, no one can stop you from passing.

Positivity begins with hope and belief. There is darkness all around in some and nothing is visible and if we burn a small lamp will remove the darkness spread around it in an instant. A ray of hope can erase all negative thoughts in a moment.

Negativity can only eliminate positivity, so start by dumping your negative thoughts. Start thinking about how to achieve success and get happiness. This might be difficult in the beginning, but with persistent efforts you will be able to change the perspective of your thinking. That is whenever a small negative thought comes to mind, it should be converted to positive thought at the moment.

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