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Role of Parent-Teacher Partnership

Family Engagement isn’t an Option it’s a Necessity!

Strong parent-teacher cooperation in and outside of the classroom has a number of short and long term benefits for students.


1) Communication:

Frequent, two-way communication is important to stay apprised of what is happening at school, and to let you know important things about your child.

2) Consistency:

Creating routines and providing consistent opportunities to enhance your child’s learning at home. It also reinforces the notion that you and his teacher are working together to support him.

3) Collaboration:

A collaborative, cooperative partnership involves planning and problem-solving. It develops positive strategies and helps children to achieve their highest potential.


1) Student Benefits:

  • Increase motivation for learning.

  • Positive attitude toward homework/school work, and school overall.

  • Desired behavior.

  • It holds students accountable for everything.

2) Parent Benefits:

  • Teacher/school communication affects parent child learning experience at home.

  • Parents get ideas regarding how to help at home and have more insight about the curriculum for their child’s grade level. It also creates a better appreciation for how they are a critical part of their child’s learning experience.

3) Teacher Benefits:

  • When parents are involved, it allows teachers to be free to completely focus on teaching.

  • Communicating with parents help teachers to learn about family /home environment and student needs that will be necessary for them at school.

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