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Every year 25th December is celebrated as a christmas day as well as Tulsi Poojan Day. The importance of celebration is to create awareness among learners to give the benefits of Tulsi Herb and also make the learners to understand that helping the needy people whenever and wherever required.

Christmas is loved by children since they receive gifts from Santa Claus. They love decorating trees. Children are on their best behavior in the month of December because they want to please Santa.

Carol songs such as Jingle bells, Carol of the bells, etc are sung. Relatives come together to celebrate Christmas. This is a festival of joy. It is about sharing and helping others. Christmas is a time to give and forgive. The message of peace, happiness and forgiveness are brought forth through this festival.

Christmas Celebration at Gajera International School was organized on 22rd December this year. Learners came to school wearing beautiful dresses. The school was decorated beautifully with glitters ribbon.

One could easily notice the excitement of Christmas in the learners' eyes. They were eagerly waiting for the Christmas Festival. This is a festival of joy. It is about sharing and helping others.

There were a variety of performances, Song and dance by learners.

Through this celebration educators inculcated the value of sharing is caring and worship the Tulsi Plant.

By the end of the program, our Principal Ms. Neepa Patel gave small speech and wishing them "Happy Christmas".

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