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Science and Technology for a Sustain

Updated: May 28, 2021

" Each and every innovation is a small step taken towards the growth of the country "

India has a great heritage of science and technology. Indian Vedas and scripts have become the foundation of modern science and technology.

Many scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, astrologers, engineers have made contributions to advance the science and technology sector in India. Today India is rapidly progressing in the field of technology. The efforts of the individual scientists, science institutes, and government of India have placed India into the club of elites in technology in the whole world.

Hence we have given the best tips, activities, ideas for the National Technology Day 2021 celebration in school.

The day May 11 is celebrated as the National Technology Day in India. On this day Gajera International School organizes many events to create awareness and interest in the science amongst the learners.

On this day many events and competitions like speech and essay competitions, poster making, science project model building, quizzes, and many other such events are organized to create interest in the science in learners’ minds.

Let’s dedicate this National Technology Day to our scientists, technicians, and leaders who made India a Nuclear State.

It is very necessary to create interest and awareness about science and technology into the minds of learners in their early age. National Technology Day is a great way to encourage learners and appreciate the contributions of many scientists for India’s growing technology.

This is how our little Gajerian celebrate virtual celebration of National Technology day

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