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Science is an Art, Literally...

Science projects help develop a Learners resourcefulness, particularly their skills at goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving. It also nurtures intellectual curiosity, helping Learners acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world.

When learners participate in science activities, it nurtures their curiosity. Introducing Learners to science at a young age assists in their brain development. Even toddlers can do science experiments. By using materials that Learners like to play with, it helps them to grow big ideas and understand fundamental concepts.

“Experiment, fail, learn and repeat”

Experiments can be used to introduce new ideas or to clarify puzzling aspects of topics with which learners typically struggle. If the result of an experiment is surprising yet convincing, Learners are in position to build ownership of the new idea and use it to scaffold learning.

Benefits to Support Children's Science Learning

  • Value your child's questions.

  • Explore and find the answers together.

  • Give Learners time and space to explore.

  • Accept that explorations are often messy.

  • Learn from mistakes together.

  • Invite curiosity.

  • Support further exploration.

  • Encourage Learners to record their observations.

Observing :-

Learners use their five senses to observe the world and describe what they experience.

Classifying :-

Learners can connect their observations and experiences to previous knowledge.

We at the Gajera International School, (pre- primary Section, Katargam) , thus carry out such experiments for our little learners to realize that what a fun science can be for them ;practicing the theme of "Learn with Fun" and giving them a realization that science holds an integral part in our day to day lives. Learners can notice details and begin to ask questions about what they see. All Children are curious, and since science begins with curiosity and wonder, it’s a perfect fit for this age group.

"Science - It's like Magic, but Real."
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