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Seminar on Mathematics

A workshop on “Innovative methods of teaching mathematics” was conducted for educators on 10th November 2022 by Gajera Group of Schools at Gajera International School – Katargam.

Mr. Sayed F Sattar who has worked academic planner curriculum Developer and assessor across the country & mastered the subject academically was the resource person for the session . The topic was on Mathematics buddy and implementing of digital content.

The different objectives of the workshop were :

To equip the educators with variety of activities in teaching and learning Mathematics.

To strengthen the educators in planning and visualizing lesson.

To make the Subject more interesting, interactive and enjoyable for the learner.

A Practice-based Pedagogical Approach addressed the need to focus on developing an understanding of mathematical concepts as well as processes such as problem solving, proving, reasoning, representing, and communicating, among others.

The session was made interactive with the incorporation of entertaining games and interesting activities on different mathematical concepts.

Addition and Subtraction, Tables, Factors, Multiples, Equivalent fractions, Decimals, HCF and LCM , Even and Odd numbers , Area and Perimeter of Square and Rectangle were discussed majorly . The facilitator had a brilliant technical and pedagogical knowledge, which benefited the educators.

The workshop was very informative, constructive & interactive.

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