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"Shloka Competition"

A Karma-yogi performs

Action by body, mind, Intellect, and senses,

Without attachment, only for


Shloka chanting has been a part of our tradition from time immemorial. The immense peace experienced during the chanting is inexplicable. The vibration spread brings purity and serenity to the environment all around. Chanting slokas also balances the responses of our nervous system by stimulating the vagus nerve that connects the heart, throat, and lungs.

So to experience the tranquility and experience the fragrance of the same a Shloka Recitation Competition was conducted at Gajera InternationalSchool, It held in two round 11th and 13th July 2022. The students were judged on the basis of

1. Confidence and Presentation ability

2. Clarity in pronunciation

Learners enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhythm and the music of words. Taking all these facts Learners got opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence in the Shloka competition, which inspired them to come forward and recite on stage.

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