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Sports Talk Live

Gajera International School organized the much awaited Annual Sports Day on Wednesday 4th January 2023, with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The day began with the declaration of the meet, marking the commencement of the ceremony, followed by the lighting of the torch. It was a beautiful sight to behold on a cold winter morning. Playing sports can help children to develop their social skills and help to set them up for positive relationship building for life. Through an event like a sports day children get the chance to show leadership, teamwork and communication skills, as they interact with new people and face new challenges.

Learners who are actively involved in sports have higher chances of pursuing sports as their career option. They can regularly practice their favorite sports and learn techniques to master that sport. Apart from these, sports have great importance in the field of education too.

The purpose of Sports Day is to encourage learners to excel in different sports and activities. The aims to keep learners busy in physical activities which will significantly reduce exposure to harmful radiation from digital devices.

Really it was just a memorable experience for learners to perform in different games as mentioned by educators, and great hard work by all the educators.

…..Energy Unlimited!

Sports Day was organized for parents at Gajera International School on 9th January 2023, (Sunday).

The event began with a deep prajwalan by our guest Ms. Gulab mam, Our Principal Ms. Neepa Patel and some of our parents.

Where parents participated with full zest & zeal. It was delightful to see, for a change, learners cheering for their parents! These adults competed not just on the ground but with their age barriers too. Sports are about these incredible moments! Game like Ping pong, save balloon, hit the ball for mother was also worth watching. Parents displayed a good sportsman spirit during the Tug of War Event.

Medals were distributed to the winners by our guest and principal. The day was enjoyed by the parents.

Thanks to all educators for make event most successful.

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