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Teacher’s day Celebration

“Your wisdom, dedication and kindness will always lead us on the right path and inspire us to be better human beings.”

Teacher’s day is one of the most memorable day in the life of an educator and a learner. It is a day when educator can relax unlike the entire year when they are working hard for several hours every day. They work during school hours as well as after school hours are over. Learners do various things to celebrate and appreciate their educators on this day. Same was seen in Gajera International School, Katargam Surat.

“It’s Day to Appreciate OUR EDUCATORS”

Every learner appreciated his or her educator by gifting beautiful flowers, handmade cards, Chocolates and many more. Each educator makes many sacrifices every day to help learners grow. On this day learners from high school dressed up like their educators and took over entire time table. They also organized cultural program that included songs, speech, dance and drama for their educators. It is one of the best parts of the Teacher’s day celebration. Each learner dressed up like a particular educator. The learners tried their best to match the clothing of the educator they are impersonating. The junior classes sat for classroom sessions taken by the senior learners. It was different from regular teaching. The Principal, Mrs. Sonia Budhiraja appreciated the efforts of the learners and gave best wishes to the educators. It was a day filled with joy, enthusiasm, responsibilities and laughter all around.

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