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Teacher’s Training Program

Gajera Trust always believes in equipping the prospective teachers with necessary pedagogic skills in their respective subjects. It regularly organizes various teacher training programmes to help its teachers to have effective teaching and classroom management skills. As regular training and feedback keep teachers' current knowledge in pedagogical trends and reinforce what works, the Trust has scheduled various seminars for its teachers.

Constant developments in science and technology are leading the teachers towards updating their knowledge and skills. It is through professional development that they can develop new skills by attending seminars, workshops and training courses. In GISK, seminar on Hybrid Learning was organized in Conference Hall for science and mathematics educators on 16th November 2021. The sole aim of the seminar was to integrate nature with Maths and Science. The seminar was very interactive wherein the Resource person Mr. Anurag Jangid mainly focused on the interest of child’s learning, motivating educators to change the concept of delivering the content. The educators were given knowledge about how art can be used to make a child express his/her thoughts. Learners can be given eco-friendly projects which could give them proper understanding with joyful learning.

Overall it was very enriching and motivating program for educators.

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