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Teacher’s Training Program

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Gajera Trust always fosters a tremendous personal drive for its educators and helps them to become dynamic in education fraternity. For that it organises constructive training sessions for them at regular intervals. The seminar entitled as ' Integrating Environment Plug In Nature' was held at GISK on 18th November 2021 to enhance classroom stratagies and teaching methodology of Social Science educators.

The Seminar was conducted by Nita Ganguly who is a successful educator, humanist, author, motivator and a renowned coordinator for Waste Management. She explained how to incorporate nature in Social Studies. She believes that all learners are different from the viewpoint of intellectuality. It is a duty of an educator to locate the innate latent skills that are lying in each child.

The seminar was activity centered and helped the educators to understand how to relate lessons with activities.

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