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Teachers Enrichment Session

The holistic development of children of any nation is in the hand of teachers.

Educators training program was organized by Gajera Group of Schools in Katargam Campus on 7th and 8th November 2022. The Topic of this session was Inspirational Educators and Inspirational Learners.

Our school strives not only the development of the learners but also to maximize the potential of its educators. Considering workshops were organized to motivate them.

The Resource Person of this training session of first day was Ms.Vaishali Karia. She took the seminar of child and Adolescent Psychology and she focused on the practical side of the theories. She covered topic of creating a jingle, Guess the guesters, Competition of Rhymes etc.

Mr. Akshay Khatri, was a great mathematician and Short précised techniques of maths were explained by him. He explained to be creative and to choose the game for making Maths simpler.

The workshop was truly informative, constructive & interactive. It was a great learning experience for educators.

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