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"Teller of Tales"

“A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age.”

Brightening the day of the educators with wonderful stories a story telling session. Was conducted where life and expression was in abundance.

As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage students to explore their unique expressiveness and can heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate, lucid manner. It helps improve their language skills, instills a love of reading and stirs their imagination.

To encourage the skills of listening and reading, a storytelling session by all educators, a popular storytelling competition was organized by Gajera International School .

The best medium of moral education is story

The teacher who cultivates the element and makes it cultivable and useful to the people.”

The teacher is the person. This beautifies a garden with flowers of different colors. This encourages students to walk even on thorny paths with a smile. They develop the inner strengths of the child. It strengthens its foundation by irrigating the child's mind with a fountain of inspiration and guides it for its all-round development.

Only a guru can cultivate a good character of a disciple through moral knowledge and sacramental education along with book knowledge.

"The true teacher brings the world into the classroom to melt the walls of the classroom."

A teacher is never perfect; he has to keep learning something new to keep up with the changes in the study. The role of teacher is changing in the present times.

The teacher should not only provide information in the form of speeches but also provide rich and extraordinary educational experiences to the children. Students come to the school with various questions, confusion and enthusiasm for learning. In such circumstances the teacher has to create such an atmosphere in the classroom. In which the child learns on his own.

"Only through innovation can knowledge be turned into prosperity."

Education means knowing, understanding and practicing. The child can become accustomed to the classroom environment only when they can present their ideas to the teachers and the best way to present the ideas is language and The best way to give a child language is through storytelling. Storytelling is an integral part of childhood. The story sharpens the child's imagination, memory and hearing. From the problems in the story he finds the way to the problems of life and if the story is shown through various props and acting then the child listens to the story with concentration and calmness.

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