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National Doctors' Day is celebrated on 01 July every year in INDIA. When there is pandemic situation doctors are always come first to fight against it for the general population, there are so many pandemic situation like COVID-19, Plague, Flu, AIDS, Ebola etc… where doctors were the front liner for public safety and their health.

Gajera Farm introduce knowledge and importance of doctors and most important to wash out fear of doctors in a child’s life, has organized a routine oral check-up with fun and masti all along with our todays special guest, Dr. Chirag Patoliya, a well-known name in oral health industry.

Dr. Chirag Patoliya involving kids as nurse, chemist and patient to friendly level and did oral checkup at enjoyment level.

Heroes of the country those who don’t fight at borders but dedicatedly work for saving lives and improving life expectancy while putting their lives at risk, we call them DOCTORS. Their contribution towards the human health is beyond expectations.

Doctors save lives, but their importance goes far beyond that. Doctors also make a difference by helping patients minimize pain, recover from a disease faster or learn to live with a disabling injury.

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