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Transportation Day

Today in the modern era with the advent of new technologies, newer vehicles are also introduced with higher speeds, which take less time to reach the destination. People are always in search of faster and easy means of traveling to their destinations. Also at the same time there are majority of people who can’t afford to buy their own vehicle. For such people, public transport proves to be a boon.

Transportation is important because it helps us to get from one place to another. It is also important for economic development. Transportation Day is celebrated every year on 10th November. It is also observed to raise awareness against the consequences of using personal vehicles and the need of using public transport in order to curtail the increased population rates and emissions of harmful gases.

Every year Gajera International school, Katargam organizes activities on Transportation Day. This year Our little Gajerians brought different kinds of transportation props colorful ice cream sticks to make and explain different kinds of transport. They explained different modes of transport in groups and spoke five sentences about it. Our school’s motto for this kind of activity was to make our learners aware of both the good and bad sides of transportation. Also learners have learnt about how to use less petrol and control pollution by using public transportation. However, in all the ways, transportation plays an essential role in our day to day life. Overall it was an informative day for GIS katargam learners.

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