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The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is the world’s largest not for profit organization dedicated to Fostering Entrepreneurship - established in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region . TiE is Spread out in 14 countries , through 61 chapters , with 13000 members and 2800 charter members - The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship globally through the 5 pillars of TiE : mentoring, networking and education, funding and incubation .

Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community - TiE’s focus area is to enable the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In collaboration with Gajera Trust , TiE Surat held a TYE session on 07/12/22 - Wednesday to help 180 learners to find their hidden potential . The session was held in collaboration with Sunita’s Makerspace .

TiE Young Entrepreneurs is a Global program aimed at fostering our future generation of entrepreneurs. TYE focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to high school learners and helping them discover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur.

TYE is a Global Program where learners across the globe participate each year. The TYE Program is a program where learners learn about entrepreneurship, ideation and business basics, over the course of the school year.

During the program, the learners form teams, go through classroom session modules focused on different aspects of business and entrepreneurship, then write their own business plans.

The TYE Program involves local entrepreneurs, business professionals, parents, youth, coaches, and mentors. By coaching hundreds of learners in this Global program, TiE is proud of its impact towards “Education” and “Mentoring”.

It was attended by Mr Jay Krushna Lilawala, Founder CEO of Opicxo, a search engine and marketplace for photographers and videographers. He was accompanied by guests Dr. Nitin Dumasia, CEO of Growlity Inc. USA, Miss Bhagyashree Soni, Founder CEO of VB Wellness Pvt Ltd, and Ms Kinjal Gajera, a chartered member of TiE. Ms. Gajera is the Founder CEO of CSK Venture.

The session aimed to inspire, challenge and empower the learners to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.The session mainly focused on that the 21st century youth should be risk taker by nature and focus to solve unsolved problems of the society .

The learners were mesmerized with the real life experiences of the Entrepreneurs and life lessons learnt by overcoming the challenges faced by them during their process to nurture their idea to a successful company.

The session empowered the ideas of young minds through the TYE Global Program with a promise to empower all of them with the skills and tools to build a startup. Post the TYE Program, the participants would be self assured and confident in their abilities to create and innovate.

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