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Vaccine is here

Our world is currently going through a pandemic, we can finally take moment of relief as our country has started with the process of vaccination. Vaccine is a substance that provides our body with immune response and antibodies to fight the disease causing agents in this case being a virus. Vaccines are being inoculated into the blood streams through injection. It is the most effective method to fight against any disease on a large scale.

In the old times, there were many more diseases similar to Covid-19 that gave birth to epidemics and pandemics, many of those diseases are rare to find now as they've been wiped out with the help of vaccination. And for humanity, it is the best hope to get things back to as they were.

In India, there are two different vaccines being given at mass level during limited vaccination program i.e., Covishield and Covaxin.

These vaccines are going to be given in two phases.

Workers on the frontlines are the first priority for vaccination, along with people over the age of 50. After them the next turn is of people under 50 with some underlining conditions like heart diseases are to be vaccinated as they are at higher risk of the disease.

India plans to vaccinate over 300 Million volunteer people. This can be a challenging goal but with India's success with eradication of polio has strengthened the countries vaccination programs.

India, being biggest exporter of the vaccines for Covid-19, we have a strong faith in government policies in this regard and should wait for our turn to get vaccinated.

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