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Visit Atul Bakery Factory

Gajera International School - Katargam learners had experienced the Process of various Bakery Products at Atul Bakery Factory - Bhatpore , Surat on 17/12/2022 during their Educational Excursion.

The learners and facilitators were given instructions to go inside the baking room and observe the process.

The facilitators of Atul Bakery Team briefed all the learners on the safety measures to be taken and the do’s and don’ts before entering the baking room & each individual was given a Hair Cap to ensure no contamination takes place.

Starting with the Storage Room where all the Raw material of all the Bakery Products was preserved in FIFO manner looking to the expiry date , the learners were taken through various Cold and Hot Sections during the excursion.

There were huge convection ovens, flour grinders, trolley trays, rolling pins, etc. The learners were shown the process of making bread, biscuits, khaaris, etc. and each process was explained in detail.

Moving forward, the next procedure was to see how icing is done on the cake.

Learners were shown a piping bag, whipped cream, chocolate flakes, canned fruits like pineapple, cherries, strawberries, etc. The baker showed icing of different flavours along with different shapes of cakes which included heart shaped cakes, circle shaped cakes and each cake had a variety of flavours – pineapple, kiwi- strawberry mix, strawberry and chocolate, etc. Learners were truly amazed to witness the whole process and they understood how items at the bakery are made. At the end of the visit, each learner received their Special variety of Sandwich from the Atul Bakery team.

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