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We are Indian, Firstly and Lastly...

"A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society"

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was born on 14th April, 1891, at Mhow, near Indore in the then central province, now Madhya Pradesh. He was the 14th child of his parents. The life of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was marked by struggle but he prove that every hurdle in life can be surmounted with talent and firm determination. The biggest barrier in his life was the caste system according to which the family he was born in was considered untouchable.

  • He is also known as the father of Indian constitution due to his massive role as the chairman of the drafting committee for the Indian constitution.

  • He belong to the so-called lower caste and hence felt deeply for them.

  • He became the first law minister of India.

  • He introduced separate reserve seat for all lower caste to promote their status in society.

Incorporated the values of Liberty, equality and fraternity in the Indian constitution, based on the belief that any scheme of Franchise and constituency that fails to bring about representation of opinions as well as representation of person.

Society he means a way of life which recognizes Liberty, equality, and fraternity as principle of life. Education to women is the most powerful instrument of changing their position in the society.

Education also brings about reduction in inequalities and also act as a means to improve their status within the family. To encourage education of women at all levels to dilute gender bias in the provisions and acquaintance of education school college and even universities are established exclusively where establish for women in the country.

He was a egalitarian, feminist, economist, lawyer and champion of Liberty, equality and fraternity but now the very first question arises that how much progress and strong determination we have made to follow the path shown by doctor Saheb Ambedkar. He had faced very in human atrocities in his life but he never gave up and his struggle and came out as a invisible champion.

I think to find out the answer of this question one has to ask how open we are in sharing our knowledge and resources with our poor fellow brothers and sister. How do we treat our sister, Mother, wife and other ladies at home and outside and most important question arises that after reaping the benefits of reservation in service and political Arena have we ever thought to give up the reservation facilities , we have got , for the sake of a other poor brothers and sisters.

"If you believe in living a respectable life, you believe in self- help which is the best help"
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