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What is Physics?

People who like mathematics very much also like to read physics. If you do not know what physics is and what is its importance, then you must know about this subject. Because it is a very major subject covered under science. In this post, we will know what Physics is?

Physics, chemistry and biology are taught together in science to children studying in school. But after passing the tenth class, all subjects are taught separately from 11th and their exams are also taken separately. Suppose if a child has decided to study science for 10 + 2, then it is compulsory to study physics chemistry. Apart from these subjects, one can choose either Mathematics or Biology or can study both subjects. Mathematics is necessary for calculating any quantity, but the phenomena that occur in our life around are taken under physics.

You must have heard about NASA and ISRO, the space institute, who do some new missions every year and send spacecraft, satellites etc. outside the earth to do research in space. Physics plays a very important role in all these missions. If man had no knowledge of physics, today we would not have been able to fly in an airplane, neither could we have electricity nor could we drive. Just understand and that’s the way mathematics is everywhere, in the same way, physics is hidden in all the work that is done. There are countless things that we find out through this and we do not even know why this happens. Even though we are unaware of a lot of things, but in reality the physics is working there. Now let's know what this physics is?

Physics is the branch of science in which the natural phenomena happening in the Universe are generally analyzed and these phenomena are understood. Physics is the science of studying matter and energy and it is a very old and spread field of study. Most people hear the word physics and get scared. But it is not just for rocket scientists. In fact, everyone is surrounded by it. Even if you do not feel it, you use it every day.

When you think about physics, one thing is understood that it has many scientific rules that have been repeatedly tested and confirmed and phenomena have been made to disburse these statements. Physical phenomena is an important part of physics in reality. Its scientists sometimes repeat the experiment, describing these rules and how our universe works. These laws such as gravity and Newton's laws of motion are so thoroughly tested that they are accepted as true and can be used to help us predict how other things will behave.

Explanation of natural phenomena in the physical universe tells us that is why it is often considered to be the most unique science. It creates a foundation for all other sciences, that is, without physics, you cannot do biology, chemistry or anything else.

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