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Where words fail, music speaks.

World Music Day celebrated on 21st June every year. Music is the essence of life, and Music Day is about realizing the power of music and sharing it with others. It highlights the importance of music in bringing the best out of people and nurturing their love for music. Music plays a special role in everyone's life and gets us through our difficult or happy times. To acknowledge the importance of music and to rejoice in the making of music, we celebrate World Music Day annually on 21st June. Music has a very important role in human life because everyone likes to listen to music. The person who listens to music with pleasure in his life knows the importance of music in the real-life world, if a person is interested in music, then that person is always happy in his life, and remains stress-free in every problem. Listening to music gives peace and joy to the mind, listening to music inspires a person to do something better in life. Everyone should have music in their lives. The benefits of music are...

1. Music brings people together

2. Music improves your health and wellbeing

3. Music can improve confidence and resilience

4. Music is a creative outlet

5. Music is fun!

Music stimulates the brain which in turn helps with pain relief, reducing stress and memory.

Music is a universal gift. It opens up a whole new world of experience that further enhances the mind, physical coordination, and expression. In all levels of education, music has immense worth. Students learn many important and necessary values for life as music enhances their mind, their expressive ability, and a whole host of other qualities.

Listening to music gives us mental, peace, satisfaction, health, music increases our attention, and at the same time listening to music keeps positive thoughts in us, if you listen to music in trouble, then to calm your mind.

Playing a musical instrument helps children benefit on almost every level:

➡️ It enhances their cognitive skills

➡️Build fine and gross motor skills.

➡️Experimenting with musical instruments promotes physical development

➡️Support sensory development. ...

➡️Enhance hand-eye coordination. ...

➡️Enhance concentration power...

➡️Accelerate brain development.

As children experiment with the sounds and learn to create rhythms and melodies, they also develop their attention spans.

In our school we have celebrated music day for the overall development of the learners. Educators explained the importance of music and did experience them how to create the music by utensils, balloon and rubber bands, different size of stones, pearls, and sound box also. They motivated them to listen the music every day and always be happy in their life.

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