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Why is colour so important in early development...

"colour is a power, which directly influences the soul."


1.Removing fear

2.A sign of life

3.Sunshine and happiness

4. Keeping you calm and healthy

5. Emotion and providing medicine


Children, understand colour as an essential building block they will use for learning in all areas of their life. … Not only does colour play an important role in the overall aesthetic of a space, it can also impact an individual's mood, emotional wellbeing, productivity, learning and behaviour. Cheerful and joyful colours can boost a learner's self-confidence. Children are affected by changes and fluctuations in an environment.

Most of their toys are strikingly colourful. Showing them an object, say, a ball, using the word “colour” along with the name of the object is a good way to begin teaching them colours. Therefore, instead of saying ‘this is red’, the better approach would be to say ‘this is a ball, and its colour is red’. The same can be done with different coloured balls.

Every colour creates different emotions and feelings. Colours can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. These reactions are rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning and cultural imprinting.

This is how our little learners learn to recognize and also develop colour awareness. They also learn math, observation, and language skills as they classify objects in their environment by colour.

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