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Working on myself, by myself, for myself..

A self-introduction explains who you are, what you do and what others need to know about you. You should provide a self-introduction any time you meet someone new and don’t have a third party to introduce you.

Here our little Gajerians made hand made name-plate of their names.

Offer a self-introduction when you are:

  • Attending a hiring event.

  • Networking with new connections.

  • Giving a presentation.

A self-introduction should include learners name and occupation (or desired occupation) and key facts that will help the learners to make an impression on the person they’re speaking to. In a few sentences, cover the most important things that others need to know about yourself.

This all about Me activities to have learners reflect upon what makes them special. Learn about themselves: With these activities to get to know our little learners, Discover their strengths, goals, likes, and personal interests. This is a fun way for students to tell you about themselves.


  • Children develop a positive self-identity through acknowledgement and praise of their personality traits.

  • Building background knowledge.

  • Creating Successful Writing Opportunities.

  • Sharing the Learning.

  • Growth.

  • Take another step.

  • My work matters.

  • I can actually do this.

"To me, It's all about INSPIRATION. What gets me creatively excited is a challenge."

Learn about Learners:

The goal behind an All About Me Preschool Activities Theme is to help children learn about each other and each others' families!

The theme helps children to realize that every person is unique and special. They also learn that every child's thoughts and ideas are important and no one person is more or less important than another!

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