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GISK always inspires the learners by organizing various workshops to acquire the strategies to tackle real world problems in collaborative, innovative and inter-disciplinary approaches. It is always ready to impart the opportunity to its learners to be a part of learning and innovative experience that introduces them to new skills needed to become positive agents in the process of change and equip them with the tools they would need for problem solving in future scenarios.

A constructive workshop was held in GISK for the learners of grade IX to enhance their crucial skills that future scientists and engineers will need to tackle the food-water- energy challenges of the future. It was conducted by Learning Links Foundation (LLF) with a vision to foster a future where education is optimally delivered and learning is truly inspired. LLF has been working across India and the Asia region for improving learning, promoting innovation, fostering 21st century skills and enabling systemic changes in the education ecosystem.

Dr. Arshi Kazi, a facilitator from LLF, explained the learners how to solve environmental problems by showing them PPTs and projects. She provided them useful information about sustainable development and ecological issues across the world. The workshop was really an eye opener for the learners as it made them aware of impending challenges about environmental degradation.

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