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"World Doctors Day"

Doctors are the boon directly sent from God for us. Salute to the heroic job you do even in the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

India celebrates National Doctor's Day on July 1 each year, in honor of the birth and death anniversary of the great physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

The theme of Doctors' Day this year is to "lessen the mortality of COVID-19." This encompasses spreading awareness about asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy.

Covid19 pandemic and lockdown, children’s and families lives across the world have been upended with schools, businesses and everything shut down. Instead of losing my temper, it is time to make memories. As parents, it is important to stay grounded and calm, be responsible. During these times of uncertainty, it’s natural for children to feel anxious and worry.

Hence, Gajera International School conducted a webinar with one of the well-known Pediatrician Dr.Prashant Karia, especially for the pre-primary parents.

Wishing a very Happy Doctor's Day to our highly inspiring doctors!" "You are the savior of many, You are being called as God's hands, Thank you for choosing this profession and saving the lives of many. Happy Doctor's Day!" "Dear Doctor, Thank You For Giving us A New Life.

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