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World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June every year around the globe to promote alertness regarding scorching issues of environment pollution, drastic climatic changes, green house effect, global warming, black whole effect etc, among human beings on the planet Earth. Main objectives of United Nations behind declaration of World Environment day was to give a human face to environmental issues, empower to become agents of sustainable and equitable development, promote to change attitude towards the environment and advocate partnership between each human being and each society to ensure a safe future.

GIS has always worked tirelessly to bring learners into the mainstream. We can see the result in our children. The celebration of World Environment Day was no different. The activities are tailored for the children according to their tastes and age .

Learners of grades one and two were dressed in eco-friendly colour - green. They also brought tiffin box containing nutritious food.

The Fancy Dress Competition is designed for third graders. The tree was the topic of choice for the competition. It was really a very beautiful feast for our eyes.

Fourth and fifth graders competed in the Leaf Collage category. With a variety of leaves and using their imagination, the children made houses and animals. Their efforts were commendable.

Decorating the Bulletin Board was the activity arranged for sixth graders. They decorated the classrooms and corridors beautifully with pictures of various medicinal plants.

Class IX learners arranged a rally on the occasion of Environment Day. They made banners and spread awareness by giving slogans and carrying saplings. They were high spirited and energetic thorough out the rally and gave message to save environment. They also donated sapling to people and informed them about how to take care of them.

World Environment Day celebration was the day full of very effective activities and awareness on the same.

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