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On 18 April 1983 UNESCO United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization approved the date of World Heritage day and officially we started to observe it annually.

The main goal of UNESCO celebration of World Heritage day is to protect and preserve the rich historical and cultural heritage worldwide UNESCO’s main objective is to achieve this by signing up more and more nations the World Heritage convention they also aim to nominate their respective monuments for the World Heritage site.

Every year on 18 April the World Heritage day is celebrated to raise awareness all over the world specifically about the preserving the historical monument and cultural heritage spread globally.

As per every year GISK learners gave their best in celebrating “WORLD HERITAGE DAY”. Learners under the guidance of educators came together for a common cause to save our heritage, our culture and our tradition. A rally took place giving various messages to the common public. Also games and other activities engaged the learners to know their country and its heritage. Overall it was an informative day for everyone.

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