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"World Humanitarian Day"

What is World Humanitarian Day?

World Humanitarian Day takes place on 19th August and is dedicated to recognizing humanitarian people and those who lost their lives working for humanitarian causes.

The day also pays tribute to those who have sacrificed their time and risked their lives in order to support and deliver aid to people worldwide undergoing many humanitarian crises. It especially focuses on those who put their lives at risk trying to help people in war-stricken and disease-ridden areas.

World Humanitarian Day began through the relentless efforts of the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation and his family, who worked closely with ambassadors across Europe, Asia, and South America. Tragically, on the 19th of August 2003, the UN headquarters in Baghdad was bombed, where Sergio and 21 other colleagues were killed.

Every year, materials are published on the focus for World Humanitarian Day, accompanied by a digital campaign on social media. There are also special lessons taught in schools around the world acknowledging this topic. There have been many acts of bravery during the pandemic such as treating COVID-19, providing a safe space for girls and women during lockdown, providing food to vulnerable people and running refugee camps.

This year’s World Humanitarian Day is set to celebrate those individuals who showed huge character throughout the pandemic! At Twinkle, we have created some brilliant World Humanitarian Day resources for teachers to use during their lessons on this day.

Gajera International School educators explain the importance of the Humanitarian Day. Our little Gajerians learn that they should help to each and

everyone those who are in need and also help to the needy animals and birds also. We should show our humanity towards every human being.

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