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When we come across the word Ocean it means immense and abundance. Mother Nature has bestowed us with great abundance of water, it also carries a complete distinct world which is unimaginable and that is the major component on this planet which is known as Ocean.

However, being a really gene born out of it, we humans might have forgotten our roots and in the name of development we even affected it. The roar of oceanic waves can engulf the whole human race but it always tried to balance the ecosystem.

To celebrate the grandeur of Ocean we celebrate OCEAN DAY with regards to WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY in the same month of June with zest. This day is celebrated with a purpose of awareness and acknowledgement of MOTHER NATURE and her liquid, flowing and fearless form.

Thus, celebration and GIS is always a great combination, to follow the initiative of THE UNITED NATIONS keeping SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS in mind we GAJERIANS celebrated OCEAN DAY acknowledging environment and its significance.

* Grade 1 and 2 ,we made the students to color on the picture provided by us and they wrote the oath, "That we will not pollute or harm the aquatic bodies”.

* Grade 3 to 5,we made to perform the role play, that was played by GIS students, through this play they motivated and encouraged the students to keep their environment safe.

*Grade 6 to 8, the webinar was conducted by the GIS student and he encouraged not only the students but also the parents to take care of the Mother nature by not polluting and by not dumping any harmful substances into the water bodies.

We celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8, and a lot of activities at global, national and community levels are organized worldwide to observe this event.

On this day in our school some activities were conducted for the students. One of which is to paint the imagination, our learners just mesmerized us through their unique work.

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