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World Ozone Day

The World Ozone Day is celebrated on September 16th every year to spread awareness about the Ozone depletion. The slogan of the day Ozone for life reminds us that not only Ozone is crucial for life on Earth but we must continue to protect the ozone layer for future generation.

To spread the awareness and make the young minds understand about the importance of Ozone layer and the need to protect this fragile shield of gas, the learners of Gajera International School, Katargam Surat were involved in various activities. The learners were very enthusiastic to know the preventive measures for the protection of ozone layer. Educators gave the presentation and guided them for sustainable living. Through the activities learners were encouraged to adopt and follow simple ways to keep the Ozone layer safe such as:

1. Eco Friendly Refrigerators

2. Eco Bricks.

Active and energetic participation of the learners was observed throughout the day. On the whole it was a creative and interesting session, which enlightened the students and made them realise the seriousness of the situation.

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