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World Post Day

Postal systems have been in operation for many centuries. From back way back in history, people sent letters to each other. These were delivered on foot or on horseback by special messengers. From the 1600s the first national postage systems began springing up in many countries. These were more organized and many people could use them. Slowly countries agreed to exchange mail internationally. By the late 1800s there was a global postal service, but it was slow and complicated.

The birth of the UPU in 1874 opened the way for the efficient postal service in existence today. In 1948, the UPU become an agency of the United Nations. The postal services all around the world are responsible for helping people to get in touch with each other. Without the support of the Universal Postal Union, the world would have a very difficult time with trying to stay in touch. This is because the UPU works to organize the nation’s postal carriers and helps them all to interact and do business with each other.

World Post Day is celebrated across the world to commemorate the establishment of Universal Postal Union (UPU) commenced in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. The UPU focuses on a global communications revolution, with the aim that people could write to others all over the world. This day highlights the importance of postal services.

GISK celebrated eco friendly world postal day to create awareness among the young learners about the role of the postal sector in day to day lives of people's and businesses' and its contribution in the socio-economic development of the countries.

Everyone should respect the efforts used by the postal industry and how it keeps people all around the world connected.

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